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Types Of Lingerie

Lingerie has existed for many centuries already and it has always been popular among women. It has undergone numerous changes and stages of development, as a result today we have a great variety of lingerie to all tastes. With so many types of lingerie to choose from you may really get confused, as there're everything from barely-there outfits to the most modest chemises and gowns. Lower you're given a range of the most popular types of lingerie nowadays, as well as some of the most widely used parts of lingerie.

Corset is a sort of underwear usually worn very close to the body and is usually tightened with laces. The main function of corsets is to shape the woman's figure (mainly the bust and hips), so they cover the body from the breasts to the hips. The greater number of corsets has four or more adjustable garter straps specially designed for supporting the stockings.

Bustier is very much like a corset but it's lighter and has no heavy structure of a corset. In comparison with corsets, bustiers are shorter and finish at the waist. Besides, bustiers are mainly worn on the outside rather than as an underwear.

Camisole or Cami is represented by short sleeveless underwear for women. It can be worn as an outer garment if the material is corresponding, as well as under a suit jacket.

Cuban Heel is a rectangular reinforced heel, it has generally a reinforced foot and back seam.

Chemise is a loose dress with no waist line. It has a short hemline and hangs down from the shoulders.

Fence Net is used for stockings and has a large net design just like the one of a chain link fence.

Fishnet is somewhat smaller net design than fence net. Its design was borrowed from the construction of a fisherman's net. Fishnet is mainly produced from nylon or nylon-lycra blends.

Garter Hose is a piece of clothing where garter straps, a waist band, and stocking legs are attached together, which look like a garter belt and stockings, being at the same time one piece garment.

Opaque is the name for the stockings or tights if the latter are produced from a higher density material. Opaque is less transparent and denser.

Reinforced are the parts of clothing which were strengthened by means of double knitting for extra durability. This very part looks somewhat darkened, but today it's considered to be a design feature.

Shelf Bra is located under the breast or just under the nipples. It's used to add more cleavage to the breasts.

Silicone is a rubber polymer that remains elastic under many variations of temperatures. It's often used inside the lace top of hold-up stockings to stick to the skin and hold the stocking up without the help of garters.

Stockings in their traditional meaning are the ones which are those which are put on separately and are held with garters. They can have a plain top, a lace top, or satin top.

Stay Up Stockings are those ones that stay up with no need for garters. They generally include a beautiful stretch lace top with a silicone band inside to better stick to the leg.

Garters are the clips which are fixed to the top welt of the stockings. They are mainly fixed to an adjustable elastic strap, while the latter is attached to the clothing worn on the waist or body. Those are garter straps.

Garter Belt or Garter Belts are pieces of clothing specially designed to hold the stockings.

Tap Pants is another name for feminine boxer shorts, while teddy is a piece of woman's underwear that combines the features of a camisole top and panties.

G-String is probably well known to every young lady. It's a panty with a thin band of fabric in the back.

Thong is a panty with a small triangle of fabric in the back. In contrast to G-strings, thongs have more material in the back.

Tights are pantyhose produced from a heavier denier in opaque or semi-opaque materials. Tights usually have deep colors and look more sporty. Theu are also more durable than pantyhose.

Underwire is a strip of flatted steel-wire located under the cups of the bra for extra support.

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