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Unique and Unusual Types of Medical Sex Toys And Their Characteristics

Nowadays, it's difficult to find a grown-up person who would not heard of sex toys. By the way, probably a great part of adult population of Earth has tried to use a sex toy at least once in life, and if not, the greater number of people want to try some of sex toys available now. As far as it is known the contemporary market offers a great variety of sex toys, including vibrators, dildos, harnesses, masturbators, breast pumps, etc. however, it is wrong to think that the list of sex toys is limited to just vibrators, dildos, and different their variations. Undoubtedly, it's true to say that these sex toys are of the greatest demand among the users, but it doesn't mean that there're no other sex toys.

In fact, the range of contemporary sex toys is really boundless. You can even find those which don't only bring much pleasure but are also healthy to use. For instance, let's discuss the sex toys which are used during bondage and fetish activities. If you like making this way, you're recommended to consider medical adult toys. One of the greatest advantages of medical adult sex toys is that they are usually associated with medical procedures rather than with making sex. Nevertheless, medical adult sex toys can be perfectly used for role play, different sexual games, cleansing and other kinds of receiving pleasure and pleasant pain. So, let's speak of the most unusual and unique types of medical adult sex toys.

The first type of medical adult sex toys is urethral sound that is mostly used by males. This sex toy is represented by a metal stemmed device that has to be inserted into the penis. It gives an opportunity to feel unusual pain and great pleasure at the same time. Another type of medical adult toys is the Wartenberg Wheel that offers another unique method for getting pleasure and unusual kind of pain at the same time. This is a wheel covered with numerous needles with a handle. It has to be rolled over different parts of the body, mainly men's and women's genitals. This play gives unbelievable sensation of pleasure and the required level of pain simultaneously.

Another type of medical adult toys is intimate douche which uses water to thoroughly clean anal or vaginal zones. The attachment called the douche needs to be screwed on the shower head making the flow of water much stronger and thus very pleasing for different erogenous areas of the human body, especially the zone of genitals. This type of sex toys is used by both men and women.

And as for the boob pumps they are used by females only and it's clear why. These pumps have special cups on the end. The bulbs are attached to these cups. A woman or her partner has to squeeze the bulb that takes out air from the space around the nipples lengthening the nipples for some period of time. This activity can bring great sensations to a woman due to the vacuum activity.

It's worth to mention the glycerine squirt that is also an excellent option of medical adult sex toys. This device deposits fluid into the vagina, anus, or penis offering brand new lovemaking sensations. As you can see, medical irrigations assist the user to feel colonic irrigation.

Many medical sex toys are connected with torturing skin. Thus, a torture skin roller is the severest among all the torture instruments. It has to be pressed down to the skin inflicting an unbelievable sensation and great pain at the same time. However, it needs to be mentioned that all individual medical sex toys are safe to use.

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