Everything You Need To Know About Air Filters

August 08, 2017Posted by Alan Turner


Generally, an air filter is a mechanism created from fibrous materials the major function of which is to removes mold, dust, pollen, and bacteria from the air. As for the chemical air filter, it has an absorbent or catalyst used to remove different airborne molecular contaminants including volatile organic blends or ozone. Air filters may be used in places requiring good-quality air, mainly in ventilation systems and engines.

Air filters are also called air purifiers and air cleaners and are used to raise indoor air quality, read more chime bank.

Many buildings, including aircraft and different man-made environments like satellites and space shuttles apply pleated paper, foam, or spun fiberglass filter items. Air ionizers contain fibers or elements possessing a static electric charge that attracts dust particles. The air intakes of internal combustion engines and compressors usually contain either foam, paper, or cotton filters. There're also oil bath filters that aren't popular any longer. The functionality of air intake filters of gas turbines has been greatly improved during the last years, first of all because of the progress in the field of the aerodynamics and fluid-dynamics of the air-compressor part of the Gas Turbines.

Nowadays, different kinds of air filters are produced with the usage of various materials in order to meet the demands of the industry and commercial field of the world's economy. The filters specially designed and manufactured for the commercial needs are divided into three groups depending on the way of their functionality while removing particulate additions from the air entering their systems. The biggest group usually dealing with ventilation or heating systems, and air conditioning (HVAC) filters, includes very spongy beds of resin-bonded glass or plastic fibers having the diameter of 1-40 micrometers (÷m). The fibers serve as targets for gathering airborne dust. From the name of the filters (HVAC) it's clear that the latter are used for air cleaning in mechanical systems of ventilation. Those are disposable items and can be used in different sectors of industry, like pre-filters removing coarse dust.

HVAC filters

Fiberglass Filter is usually produced with the usage of medium and heavy cardboard frames with layered fiberglass strengthened with a metal mesh against possible collapse. It's applied in many HVAC filtration systems.

Polyester Filter Media Pad is extremely important as polyester suggests higher resistance and dust keeping abilities than other fiberglass filters. Polyester Filter Media Pad is often used to change fiberglass filters fragmenting and sending fibers into the air stream. It's also used in numerous HVAC filtration systems.

Electrostatic Filters offer a self-generated charge necessary for gathering small dust particles. Such filters are usually produced with the usage of multiple layers of polypropylene media inside a galvanized frame or cardboard frame.

A second category of filters consists of single-use, disposable filters or HEPA filters. A HEPA filter is An extended-medium dry-type filter with containing a removal system for the smallest particles, 1.0 inches water gauge, and a rigid casing extending the full depth of the medium.