Garage Door Opener Installation Can Be Easy!

June 09, 2017Posted by Alan Turner


You may consider the process of garage door opener installation started from the very moment of is browsing and following the instructional manual. First of all, relax as this can be done by any person who has ever dealt with drills, ladders, and major electrical wiring. By the way, installing an opener isn't a very time-consuming process - you can complete it in a few hours on a warm Saturday morning. So, if you wish to improve the look of your garage door, you will need a bit of know-how, several tools for help, the useful directions for assembling everything correctly, garage door opener parts and installation is completed.

The modern market offers garage door openers of three basic sorts:

  • the one of chain drive that is the most popular and cheap although noisy,
  • the screw drive that costs a bit more but it is much quieter,
  • the belt drive that is very expensive but the quietest one among the three types.

However, apart from this classification, more kinds of garage door openers can be found, for instance, the automated ones.

As it was mentioned earlier, the process of garage door opener installation is usually easy. The only things that may differ are parts and manufacturers. First of all, it's important to carefully study the applied instructional manual to ensure that you are ready for the successfully accomplished job. As a rule, these directions are represented by a great amount of new information and will guide you from the very beginning till the very end. Keep this guide not far from you while installing the opener in order to consult it any moment.

1. The Opener Should be Assembled - This is the first basic step in garage door opener installation. It presupposes laying out all necessary garage door opener parts which are generally stamped and may have special lettered stickers with some instructions. After getting everything ready, assemble the rail properly.

2. Attachment of the Rail and the Header - You may need a stepladder to do this task. Raise the garage door and mark its highest point. Then you may close it. At the place of the mark, gauge up two inches. You can locate the header bracket's underside here - above the middle of the door. Place the header bracket on at the second mark and steady it with two wooden lag bolts. Then the opener assembly on the door should be adjusted with the motor that finishes on the ground. The holes on the rail can be also adjusted with the header bracket. You'll simply need to slide a clevis pin over the bracket and rail to connect them.

3. The Motor Should Be Mounted - You will obviously wish to locate your motor at middle of the door tracks. Locate the motor on the ladder carefully enough and raise the garage door. Opening the door you'll see that the motor assembly is raised off the motor. When the door is completely open, put a 2x4 between the door and the opener rail. The hangers can be fastened to the motor head and into the ceiling. Attach the hangers to the ceiling with the help of lag bolts, raise the motor head and connect it to the hangers on the ceiling. Having done all this, the other components may be installed. Congratulations, your garage door opener installation project is completed!

Summing up, it's important to emphasize that most of do-it-yourselves have found garage door opener installation easy mainly due to the manual they followed step by step. Nevertheless, be demanding while choosing the most suitable garage door opener for you in the market. After having installed it, check up functionality of your new opener. If everything works in a proper way, you may be proud of your work!