Munsterlander Temperament and Lifespan

April 16, 2017Posted by Alan Turner


Myunsterlender is absolutely fearless dog, while hunting it does not notice anything else except the production, and no obstacles can stop it. She has a great flair and solid stand. Myunsterlender feel good in any terrain - both on land and on water. During the search, the dog is close to the owner and it pinpoints the location of production.

This breed of dog is taken, usually for hunting, but also it is a great companion. Myunsterlender is a true friend for the whole family, including children, whom it is madly in love with. But in spite of good character, it needs quality training.

No less important for the dog long walks, especially when Musterlender is not used for hunting. In this case, while walking the dog must be at least 2 hours per day. This can help it to throw out all energy through a variety of games in nature.The lifespan of the dogs of this breed is about 11-13 years.

How Much Does a Munsterlander Cost and Price Range

The price for the dog ranges from $ 450 to $700. It usually depends on such factors as the breeder and the place you are buying the puppy as well as the quality of the dog. If you need the breed or the show quality dog, you will have to be ready to pay not less than $1000.

Munsterlander Colors, Shedding, Full Size and Average Weight

The ancestors of Munsterlander were:
- German cops;
- French dog;
- Danish dogs;
- Spanish dog.

The breed has 2 types: large and small Munsterlander. Build and coat reminds setter, and the head is similar to the head of spaniel. Head is elongated, long, transition from forehead to muzzle is weakly expressed with the broad skull.

Eyes are small, dark in color. Hanging ears, close to the head and rounded at the ends.

Body is square. Coat is long, smooth, dense enough. Coat color of the large Munsterlander is black-speckled, gray or gray-speckled with black spots or specks. Head is black. The small Munsterlander has the brown color or brown and speckled with brown spots and specks. On the ears and muzzle you can see beige markings.

Weight: Large Munsterlander is 30 kg, Small Munsterlander is 23 kg.

Height: Large Munsterlander: males - 60-65 cm, females - 57-62 cm Small Munsterlander: males - 51-56 cm, females - 47-53cm.

Munsterlander Breed Characteristics, Information and Facts

It is worth noting that the Small Munsterlander is more popular than the large one, although their working qualities of these two hunters did not give way to each other. The number of representatives of the large version in Germany and abroad is not that great, but the dog still has its fans in the UK, Canada, Czech Republic, France and the Scandinavian countries.

Large and Small Munsterlander are not closely related, although they appeared about the same time (at the beginning of XX century), are very similar in appearance and have similar characters.It's a great dog, which can become not only an excellent hunter, but also a true friend for many years.